SOFIA GORSHKOVA, Beautiful Russian Long Jump Athlete

Sofiya Gorshkova, long jump athlete from Russia become The New Rising Star in Athletics World. Russian championship under 18 held in chelyabinsk from 27-30 june 2022. All the athletics contested the long jump has always been the favorite sports. Sofiya gorskova was born on 28 january 2005, she is now 18 years old.

Sofiya Gorshkova has good technique and she also never fails in every jump. Her jump distance is always consistent in addition to the long jump. Sofiya also participates in the 200-meter running sports. Her personal best for the 200 running is 26.08 seconds. She got the personal best when she participated in the competition on 16 january 2021.

Sofiya Gorshkova Instagram
Sofiya Gorshkova Instagram @gsonyya

Meanwhile for personal best in the long jump, Sofiya managed to reach a distance of 5.67 meters in the indoor competition and 5.64 meters in the outdoor competition. Sofiya Gorshkova mostly participates in long jump competitions.

Watch her VIDEO HERE

Besides being young, sofia also has a beautiful face and an athletic body since her presence in several tournaments. The netizens have increasingly idolized Sofiya. Russia has always produced talented talents in the field of sports.

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