Ami Kodama, The lovely Athlete From Japan

The world of sports always presents a variety of interesting things, one of which is a parade of beautiful athletes. Ami Kodama, a Japanese athlete, has captured the hearts of many with her stunning beauty and irresistible cuteness.

Ami Kodama, Japanese Long Jump Athlete
Ami Kodama/Bear & Beer Sports

Kodama herself comes from Hokkaido where she is also still listed as a student at Tokai University in Shibuya City, Tokyo. Ami Kodama’s name skyrocketed throughout the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after her beautiful face spread while competing in the long jump. After being traced, it turns out that the video is not footage from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics match. It is known, the video was taken in May 2021 during the World Athletics event for the Olympic qualifying stage.

Because Kodama only finished in the top four places, she failed to advance to the Olympics which was held in her own home. However, Ami Kodama’s charm still makes many people curious about her figure. Here’s a profile and portrait of this Japanese athlete.

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