These Gorgeous Russian Athletes are Taking Instagram by Storm with a Viral Photo!

Two Russian athletes, Aleksandra Vdovina and Elena Sergeeva, have recently become viral sensations after posting a photo on Instagram that garnered a lot of attention. Both women are track and field athletes and have been making waves in their respective events. The photo that made them famous was a simple snapshot of two friends after training session , but it quickly went viral and earned them thousands of likes and comments. Despite their newfound fame, Vdovina and Sergeeva remain focused on their athletic careers and are continuing to train hard for upcoming competitions.

Name: Yelena Sergeyeva
Born: 18 April 1999
Nation: Russia
Social Media: el_sergeeva_

Name: Aleksandra Vdovina
Born: 17 March 1999
Nation: Russia
Social Media: s.vdovina

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