60 Meters Spanish Record, Maribel Pérez

The sprinter from Seville, Maribel Pérez ratified her exceptional form by lowering twice her Spanish record in single day on 60 meters run. Maribel Pérez set her first record with 7.17 seconds in the semifinals and 7.16 seconds in the final of the Spanish national indoor track and field championships.


The Andalusian had arrived in Orense with six victories in seven races, and four Spanish records (one of them tied). The hydraulic track of Orense was an ideal platform to continue making history, after having finished with the historic record of Sandra Myers 32 years ago.

“I didn’t expect this at all !. At the World Championships, I want to do the same as here, and try to get into the semifinal. I know it’s very difficult to reach the final,but i will keep trying to get there”, Maribel said.


In the semifinals, an hour and a half earlier, she had lowered her record by three hundredths with a time of 7.17. The Valencia sprinter came out of the blocks in 155 thousandths of a second and after 10 meters she was already ahead. It was her fourth indoor record of the season (one of them, 7.21, equaled).


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